Calling in “The One” – Find a New Love in Your Life

Many people desire to have somebody to share their life with, and yet for some reason finding Mr or Ms “Right” always seems to elude them.

Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks To Attract The Love Of Your Life” is a uniquely powerful approach to finding love. Centred on the international best selling book of that name by Katherine Woodward Thomas M.A., MFT this life-changing coaching programme will enable you to release your hidden barriers and become magnetic to the love of your life. I am Victoria Rose, a fully certified Calling In “The One” coach based in London, UK.

A synchronistic meeting in my own life led me to this programme in 2010.

Although I had already been a coach and facilitator for many years, the personal transformational breakthroughs I experienced led me to travel to Los Angeles where I was personally trained by Katherine and became certified as a Calling in “The One” coach.

I now work with clients to support and guide them through the programme and to ensure they experience the biggest possible breakthroughs of their own to find the love they have been searching for.

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