Conscious Uncoupling – Move on From a Relationship

I am a Conscious Uncoupling Transformative life coach based in London, UK. Conscious Uncoupling is a 5-step coaching program created by Katherine Woodward-Thomas MA, MFT to release the trauma of a breakup, reclaim your power and reinvent your life. To help you move from a breakdown to a breakthrough.

The term “Conscious Uncoupling” hit the international headlines in March 2014 and there was much confusion and many discussions about what it meant.  This is how Katherine describes it:

What is Conscious Uncoupling?

A Conscious Uncoupling is a break-up or divorce that is characterized by a tremendous amount of good will, generosity and respect. It is a process that leaves both parties feeling valued and appreciated for all of the good that was experienced. It is a shared intention to minimize the damage they do to themselves, to each other and to their children.
- Katherine Woodward Thomas

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Sometimes, despite our best efforts, relationships just don’t work out and we find ourselves facing the end of what we had thought was going to be a “happily ever after” scenario. The decision is made by one or both people that it is time to move on.

Many complex and painful emotions are experienced around relationship breakdown. Using the Conscious Uncoupling coaching process I can guide you through mutual resentments and blame to find new acceptance and creative possibilities for everybody concerned: both parties, your families and your wider communities.

Katherine’s book Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After was published on 22nd September 2015. You can order a copy here.

Reading a book is a wonderful way to learn and grow but using the processes together with a coach raises the experience to a higher level all-together.

As a divorced parent of 2 sons for over 20 years I know how challenging it can be and also how vital and rewarding to live a life of mutual respect, care and attention for all blended families.

By working alongside me through this programme you can achieve that too.


Victoria made an excellent coach. She was supportive, encouraging, engaged, warm, acknowledging and invested in the process.
NH, Surrey
[Victoria] supported and encouraged me at just the right times. I found the process very intense but I felt safe and secure going deep into it as I knew I had a safety net in the guise of Victoria to thrash it all out with, and that she would help me to make sense of it all.
UM, Belfast
Victoria is a wise and resourceful person who inspires confidence and trust. She has a razor sharp intellect and gets to the essence of the issue very quickly.  I felt I was in safe hands. She exudes professionalism at the same time as displaying empathy and compassion.
RD, London

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